Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh, My, God.

I do try to keep up a twice-a-week posting schedule, but I got a bit thrown off my schedule this weekend.

The wierd old guy who owned our house before us did a number of weird, dangerous, or just plain grim things to the house (the most spectacular of which was putting mirrors on really and truly, every wall), the most disgusting of which was carpeting the full bathroom upstairs. (A side note: throughout the house, the old guy laid wiring between the carpet pads and the subfloor, all spliced together with flying junctions. Nice.) We've been slowly fixing the various things that he did, making the house liveable and getting rid of his vibe. The bathroom, however, we had been putting off. It really needed a total revamp, and we decided we had neither the money nor the time right now to take care of it. We figured we'd take care of it once Ellen finished her degree and we could pay someone to do it for us.

We figured.

One overflow of the toilet was all it took, really, though, to make us revise our plan. Yep. Now we had not just the theoretical pee-sponge carpet in our bathroom, but the honest to god pee-sponge. It was tainted and there was nothing to do but tear it out.

So Ellen and I spent the last four days ripping out carpet, getting rid of the hideous and oversized old vanity, scraping up badly-laid linoleum, tileing the floor, fixing the tiles in the bath alcove, and so on. A few hundred dollars and a whole lot of hassle later, we have a lovely bathroom. Tomorrow we'll reinstall the toilet and put in a new sink and we'll have our bathroom back. Yay.

All of this has seriously cut into the cooking. Nothing is less appealing after spending hours tearing out pee-sodden carpet than preparing food.


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