Saturday, March 25, 2006


Well, the bathroom is almost done--the last thing to do has been fixing the plaster on a bit of the walls. Tomorrow we'll paint and then have our bathroom back. Whew.

It has been spring break here, and I'll be delighted on Monday when the kids go home. Just in time for break we've had what I hope will be the last snow of the season. Nearly 2 inches on Monday and flurries most days for the rest of the week. Plus a bit of hail yesterday for good measure.

In this lovely weather I've taken the time to make pot roast. I posted my basic recipe below, so I won't repeat it, but have this to say about meat for pot roast. I usually use chuck roast, which I love because it is strong tasting, and comes out tender with predictable regularity; but it is also super fatty (not much marbling, but loads of interstitial fat between the muscle groups). I bought a bottom round roast this week because it was super cheap, had almost no interstitial fat (round must be close to 98% lean), and cook books often describe it as being perfect for braising. It was ok, but not very tender, and pretty dry. I've had the same experience when I use brisket (which is seldom cheap here). I'm wondering if that's just the way it goes. E. used bottom round in a beef and barley soup not long ago and it came out pretty tender and tasty, but was cooked in little pieces, rather than one big chunk.


Anonymous Blythe said...

mmm, beef and barley soup. Would you give me that recipe? I had a bowl of beef and barley soup at a cafe in Carmel sitting by a fire on a rainy day that i still remember with longing (the day as much as the soup), and I can't find a recipe that comes out well, though that may have to do with my sad soup making skills.

Meanwhile, I should go back to writing the sermon which I'm supposed to be preaching in 2 hours.
We have a picture of your daughter up on our refridgerator which kills me every time I look at it (from dad, she's looking out of a playhouse and doing jazz hands). Could she be more gorgeous?


10:14 AM  
Blogger Jesse VanHalen said...

Do you have any time in your schedule to bring me food.


10:28 AM  

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